Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Project 365 Breaks

I took a break from my Project 365 posts last week to promote one of my favorite author's new books. I guess I should have posted my pictures from the week on Thursday, since I managed to completely obliterate the digitizer in my phone. Now none of the touch screen functions work, so the phone's in the shop...still...

As such, Project 365 is gonna look a little wonky this week. I'm posting backward--starting with picture 90 and going back a week. As soon as I get my phone back, I'll do another EMERGENCY post to catch up on the week I missed, then it'll be onto posts as normal. Whew!

So let's get to it!

 Day 90: My students are the sweetest.

Day 89: Monday mail call!
 Day 88: Trying (and failing) to take an artist photograph of my closet.

Day 87: Having a lot of fun with old friends...too much fun, maybe.

Day 86: Me with one of the best girls in the whole world. Love you!

Day 85: This bruise covered about half the length of my thigh. That's what I get for playing too hard with puppies.
84: The day I spoke to the president about approval for our mobile food pantry program.

Day 83: More artistic efforts. I've decided part of Project 365 should be an attempt to better my photography skillz.

Day 82: you can see, my phone is toast. Hopefully I'll have it back SOON!
In other news, it's time for NaNoWriMo! This year, I'm attempting erotica. Hey, it sells well, and I think I have a decent idea. My outline is done; my profile on the NaNo site is finished (you can Buddy me @ The Creator), and I'm ready to get writing. 
I'm reading THE GREAT GATSBY. No...I didn't read that one in high school. I had "better" things to do at the time, so now I have to play catch-up on my classics. Sad for an English major to have to admit. This book puts me 4% over my goal of reading 50 books this year. But as I'll be busy with NaNo and the holidays, I need to cram in as much reading as possible. 
That's all for now. I'll see you for the emergency post as soon as I get my phone back!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

COLD FURY by T. M. Goeglein--Book 3 Cover Reveal

Hi all!

I promised a special blog post today, and I'm going to deliver! We're veering away from Project 365 (just for this week) to celebrate the cover reveal of EMBERS & ASH, the third and final book in the COLD FURY trilogy by amazing young adult author, T. M. Goeglein.

Here it is:

Beautiful, isn't it?

I devoured the first two books in this series, and I can't wait for the third book. Except...I don't want the story to end...

Hopefully Goeglein will write many more books in the near future. He's one of my favorite young adult authors. For those of you who know me, you know that's saying something. I've reviewed a ton of young adult books in my time, and Goeglein's writing always stands out among the best.

EMBERS & ASH will debut in August 2014. Look for it wherever books are sold or preorder. Trust me, this one will sell out fast.

Until next week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project 356 and the release of Pokemon X and Y

Project 365 strikes again! This past week, my VERY FAVORITE TV show of all time released two new games: Pokemon X and Y. Perhaps it's needless to say for all you avid gamers out there, but I've been consumed. I could go on and on about how I've EV trained my Lapras perfectly, how I'm trying to catch 'em all this time, how cute the little Torchic was before it Mega Evolved, but I won't...I'll just share the week's pictures. ;)

Day 71: My students never stop making me laugh.

Day 72: Flyin' the rainbow flag off my cubicle wall. LGBTQIAPQ rights. :)

Day 73: It's National Coming Out Day (10/11/13) ! I'm wearing a zillion buttons in support of it.

Day 74: POKEMON X AND Y ARE RELEASED AT LAST! I will there at the midnight event...

Day 75: Playing the new Pokemon games with my buddies. Look, Chris and I have matching 3DS's!

Day 76: They're giving away free plants at work. It's a good day. 

77: I'm gearing up for National Boss's Day, since I have the best host site and supervisor an AmeriCorps VISTA could ever ask for.

In other news, my first race (the Penguin 5k) in two years is coming up this Saturday. I've got my training regimen from food to sleep to working out to stretching, etc. planned out. I can't wait to wear a number again. It's been way too long, since I did something I love (running) in support of animals (PENGUINS!). Then it's onto a mid-winter 10k. Can't wait!

I'm less than a hundred pages from the end of WATERSHIP DOWN. Pokemon X and Y and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (the book) have eaten up free time. 

I've finished the first draft of a short story that's based on all I've learned in the few short months that I've been serving in AmeriCorps. I hope to shed some light on food insecurity, as well as craft a fun read. When more comes of that, I'll post. 

And a special note: One of my very favorite authors, T. M. Goeglein, is releasing the final book in his COLD FURY trilogy. He'll have a blog post dedicated to him next Wednesday. I'll follow up with my Project 365 post later in the week.

I'll see you all next week!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Project 365 Takes a Trampoline Park Trip

I haven't done front handsprings in a very long time, like, in more than ten years. But a date and I went to a trampoline park this last weekend where I indulged my gymnastics side. Fun at the time, but my shoulders are still a little tight. The rest of the week was fun, too. So read on!

Day 64: My students bring me presents. One brought me Cow Tails, a treat I hadn't had in years.

Day 65: People have donated lots of samples and brochures to the food pantry, so my staff and I are including those in the bags. Who wouldn't want a free cell phone?

Day 66: My fellow VISTAs and I  had our monthly training at the beautiful Mitchell College campus. Right behind this building is the beach!

 Day 67: Super fun day at the trampoline park!!!!!

Day 68: On Sunday, my Navy pal, Ward, and I went to Olio (super fancy place...whoops) and had the world's best-tasting cuisine, including this waffle-battered peanut butter, strawberry jam, and banana sandwich for dessert.

Day 69: We have a new exhibit up in the TRCC gallery. This was my favorite painting.

Day 70: Fall is here, and it's breathtaking.

In other news, Pokemon X and Y come out in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!! Guess what I'll be doing for the next two months...

I found the novel version of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, so I'm reading both it and WATERSHIP DOWN. Has anyone seen the '70s version of Watership Down? I'm planning on renting it, and so far, I've heard it's bloody, even though it's a cartoon. 

I'm obsessed with Spotify's Chillout playlists and plug those in when things get hectic at work. I've been listening to The 69 Eyes (a throwback) and Limitless while training for my 5k. And on that front, I had my best run in about 2 years two days ago, so I'm thrilled that all my hard work is paying off. 

I submitted my manuscript to one of my top agent choices yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I, personally, think we'd be a perfect match.

See you next week!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project 365 Tours a Naval Submarine (and eats really good pizza)

Another week come and gone in Connecticut. I wrote poetry about New England's fiery fall before Skyping with good friends last night. I'm really looking forward to cold nights curled up with candles and hot cocoa. In the meantime, however...

 Day 58: After the roadside clean-up, we got Chinese food. And Kayla got more fortunes than she bargained 4 (for).

 Day 59: In rearranging my studio, I decided I needed more storage space. Look, I'm handy!

 Day 60: My studio has a new nook. Been spending a lot of time lounging here...

 Day 61: I went to the naval museum in Groton. AND I got a tour on an active military submarine--I'm one of few women who will ever get to stand on one.

Day 62: The second date was great. We had pizza and garlic knots, and I got a plethora of CD's, including one of Sarah Brightman's classic opera songs. That's the way to my heart. 

Day 63: The TRCC VISTA mug has been handed down to me. I'm super, duper official now. :)

On other fronts, I outlined my personal and professional goals for the month of October. The food pantry is open, and I'm visiting a friend from high school in Maryland in a few weeks. So I'm busy, and I have much to look forward to.

The writing and editing are both going well. I find that one enhances the other (like eggs and a little garlic powder).

I'm listening to Elephant King and Dune, two CD's different from my usual tastes--classical guitar style. I'm also enjoying Moby's newest release--Innocents. 

I'm more than halfway through WATERSHIP DOWN and wondering what I'll read next off the Modern Library's list. Not looking forward to tackling ULYSSES...