Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project 365 Interviews for Grad School

I'm back from my trip to Indy. I felt like the interviews for grad school when well, but we'll know soon how good my gut is...In the meantime, please pray for me, send me good karma, and do whatever you do for those awaiting big news.

I got to see family as well. If I move to Indy, I'll be able to see them more often than ever! If the school wasn't reason enough to move, that sure is.

Enjoy this past week's pictures!

Day 213: The causes corner in my office.

Day 214: Enjoying dinner with my family. Look at how blond they are. I'm a little jelly...

Day 215: The triplets reunite: Erin, Tiph, and Tam.

Day 216: More family and more Mexican! Plus Oliver wine.

 Day 217: Not sure what you can recycle? Check this out!

Day 218: Two pounds away from my target goal. 

Day 219: This is the most amazing tea I've ever had in my life--Korean nut, adlay tea. I can't wait to get more.

Next week, I'll know whether or not I got into my dream grad school...and if not, we'll start on plan B. See you all then!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Project 365 Goes from New London to New Britain

Post is late, per usual. Maybe I should just change the day I say I upload these pictures. Anyway, it's been a wild week with work in full swing again and my grad school interview in two days.

Please enjoy this week's shots!

Day 206: To my Valentine, Tamarah. I'm always missing you. 

Day 207: You know how things can go from bad to worse? Well, sewage all over my bathroom floor last Saturday night...

Day 208: In New Britain at the Museum of American Art with the beautiful, kind, and intelligent Jenn.

Day 209: Eating perogies at an authentic Polish restaurant. I licked my plate clean.

Day 210: Me with my gym buddy! Love this woman!

 Day 211: Yes, my protein bar is upside down. I'm feeling a bit too busy to fix it. But, um, buy these. They're superfood. 

Day 212: My resumes for the grad school interviews. Wish me luck! 

That wraps up this week! See you all next time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Project 365 Hopes This is the Last Snowstorm...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds and lone wolves! I'm celebrating with an after hours meeting at work...I guess at this point in my life, I am kind of married to my career path.

Please, enjoy this past week's pictures!

Day 199: I'm so proud! I completed the Pokedex on Y version, which had a total of 718 Pokemon.

Day 200: Sweets from sweet Jessie on perhaps the worst day of my year in CT so far. I'm so lucky to have the friends here that I do.

Day 201: Don't hate. I love prunes.

Day 202: Seriously????? Not again!!!!!

Day 203: The beautiful coffee counter Lara and I set up in our office. No wonder everybody wants to hang out in here!

Day 204: I finally have my work email on my laptop! It's taken half the school year to make it happen, but that's okay.

Day 205: Again. Seriously.

I can't believe I'm more than 200 days into my year in AmeriCorps...It seems unreal. As I reflect back on my months in CT, I can see how much I've grown as an individual, as a friend, and as a family member. I came here unsure of what my next steps in life would be. Now my life feels like its found the track it's always been meant to take. 

XOXOXO to everyone who's supported my journey. See you all next week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project 365 Meets the Mayor

With the college back in session and CTCC activities in full swing, I've been so busy I've hardly breathed, let alone made a Project 365 post. HOWEVER, I haven't failed in my task. I have been taking my daily pictures. Please, enjoy without further ado.

Day 179: Playing Pokemon with two of my bestest buds. Go, stylus!!

Day 180: Halfway through the year, I get my business cards. Better late than never.

Day 181: The snow just won't stop...

Day 182: I drew a picture for my office mate. It's Cinderella turning into a pumpkin. :)

Day 183: My favorite thing about CT? Snow on the beach. 

Day 184: Did you know that every time you eat at Firehouse Subs, they donate proceeds to firefighters? They do. So eat there.

Day 185: Enjoying live music at the Crocker House. 

Day 186: So...I can't take credit for taking this picture. Joe sent it to me, but I can't think of a better way to describe his relationship with Clarence. My two best buddies are PRECIOUS!

Day 187: It's puzzle time! Mine are piling up around the apartment, so it was time to buzz through one (500 pieces).

Day 188: My wall of love has grown. Thanks so much to everyone who's sent me something since I moved. I love you all.

Day 189: One of our new campus projects for this year. I can't wait to publish it and try all the recipes!

Day 190: Painting again? Yes, I'm guilty. I love experimenting with different color palettes. 

Day 191: Just wait until you see the next pic...Then, you might understand my problem.

Day 192: I LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you do see 4 DS's going at once, plus my computer. GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!!!!!!!

Day 193: This has been the week for snow days. I've gotten some great pictures out of it.

Day 194: We're collecting food for V-Day on campus. So far, we've gotten lots of yummies.

Day 195: Why, yes, that IS me with New London's mayor. I stood in his office, shook his hand, and EVERYTHING. Life. Is. Awesome.

Day 196: Even the trees are being buried alive by snow!

Day 197: How many campuses have a food pantry for their students? I'm proud to run Three Rivers Community College's. 

Day 198: It's me! In my writing chair! Hi. :)

Thanks for reading. See you next time (when we break into day 200).