Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project 365 Says Goodbye

This week has been sad. One of the students I assist at Three Rivers Community College died suddenly from heart failure. He leaves behind his beautiful wife, Alexis. I also said goodbye to my girlfriend who flew to California to visit family. She'll be back in a few weeks, but letting her go wasn't easy.

Since I hit my head, I've been very inspired to write. So some good came out of my accident! Now that I'm okay with escaping from "real life" for a little while, I have the perfect opportunity to crank out new pages and edits. In two days, I've edited and written about 10K. We'll see how much I can do this spring.

But without further ado, please enjoy this last week's pictures.

Day 272: Students came by and invited me to this Women's Appreciation Dinner for the work I do on campus. They made my day.

Day 273: I tried pickled herring in wine sauce because I will eat anything. And guess what! It was delicious.

Day 274: Eating leftovers from Easter dinner with one of my adopted families. Yummy.

Day 275: We watched Monsters U. I was disappointed by the sequel. The first movie was SO good, this one just didn't do it justice.

Day 276: Sound asleep with my guard dog and Lyci's stuffed bears to keep me company.

Day 277: Don't be fooled by our smiles. We're actually really sad. I hated saying goodbye to my girl.

Day 278: It's spring! It's spring! It's finally here!

And that's this week's update. See you next time. Fair warning, my pictures might be boring ones of my computer screen. After all, I'm writing/editing/reading like a maniac.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Project 365 Plays Games

It's hard to believe that yet another week in Connecticut has passed, bringing me closer to the end of my term in AmeriCorps. I did get some sad news--despite all the hard work and new projects my site has done, we won't be getting another VISTA next year. I'm disappointed because we are doing important work in the fight against poverty, and I worry that without a VISTA there, it will be hard for the campus to sustain the same level of productivity. 

But in other news, here are the pictures from this week.

 Day 265: I finally headed back to work after bumping my head. I was missed. 

 Day 266: It's game time! And I'm winning.

Day 267: I'm still winning. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the highest score I've ever gotten on Bejeweled Blitz. 

Day 268: This is what happens when you play games and don't put away your clean laundry. 

Day 269: One of the very cool projects we have coming up on campus. 

Day 270: If it's not one accident, it's another. I'm talented like that. 

Day 271: The sweetness I have to look forward to at the end of a long work week. 

And that's it for this week! See you next time. Hopefully I'll have better news from the Corporation. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project 365 Makes Up for Lost Time

A couple weeks ago, my mom went back home to KC, bringing hugs and kisses back to all our loved ones there. Since then, my days started off bland enough, then they led up to me banging my head. Of course. Maybe clumsy should have been my middle name. Anyway, that's my excuse for posting so late.

Without any further ado, please enjoy the pictures!

 Day 250: Our spring food drive at the college has been super successful. So far we've taken in several hundred items, including fresh produce and bread for our students. 

Day 251: My feet got cold.

Day 252: Bored on a Sunday. But note, I'm in one of my summer hoodies! It's finally starting to warm up.

Day 253: It was Transgender Awareness Day at the campus, so I decked myself out in buttons to show my support of my students.

Day 254: I'm in a formal dress. Don't get used to seeing this.

Day 255: Spring is sprung!

Day 256: Enjoying the view of the sound at Water's Edge.

Day 257: And more ocean!

Day 258: Going to this cheese shop reminded me of Better Cheddar back in KC. Good times.

Day 259: Pre-concussion, I got to see this. Probably the best sight I've seen in a long while. 

Day 260: My head is broken. 

Day 261: Matilda keeping watch over me, while I sleep.

Day 262: My girl brought me lunch in bed. 

Day 263: Oh, the things that get done to me while I'm sleeping off my concussion. Pigtails, really!? And the guilty party hiding her face...

Day 264: I'm feeling SO much better. I finally got to venture outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

So there's the fun update in my world. And I hope you'll pardon me, but I'm going back to bed. The worst part about hitting your head--the utter exhaustion that lingers on.